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LOCAL adj having to do with a certain place or places; of or concerned with position in space.

CULTURE n the total way of life of a people; the patterns of behavior and thought learned
and shared by a societal group.

CHANGE n a passing from one form or place to a different one; a thing to be used in place of
another of the same kind.

Local Culture, Global Change

In an age of dizzying change, Worlds of Difference presents stories of people facing critical decisions about who they are and who they want to be.

Welcome students and teachers!

We're delighted that you've come to visit, and we hope you'll stick around a while. Worlds of Difference has produced 40 radio features from 27 countries. Every story has its own web page, where you can read a note from the producer, listen to the audio, see photos, and hear bonus clips. You can also read about cultural change, meet our contributors, and browse through quotes and links to resources we've collected along the way.

Hear all six Worlds of Difference specials on line

Now playing on your computer: six hour-long documentary specials, combining selected features with narration, music and the comments of leading thinkers. The programs are hosted by María Hinojosa and distributed by NPR.

Finding a Niche
This hour looks at how societies with strong local traditions are responding to the challenges and opportunities of the global economy. Features about economy and identity from the Peruvian Andes, Newfoundland, Scotland's Outer Hebrides, and the mountains of southern Mexico.

Finding a Voice
Exploring the links between language and identity at a time of dizzying linguistic and cultural change. Stories about efforts to strengthen Ladino in Bulgaria, Welsh in Wales, Occitan in France and Maori in New Zealand, and an attempt to translate the Bible into the Zapoteco language in Mexico.

A Home in the World
Looking at the complex connections between culture and place—between who we are and where we live. Features from a boomtown in western Ireland, the misty island of Chiloé off the coast of Chile, and Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank and Lebanon.

The Spirit Calls
For centuries, people have been predicting that the end was near for organized religion. But religion seems to be getting stronger—and the forces that were once thought to spell its doom may be fueling its revival. Stories from France, Greece, Korea, and the American Southwest.
Coming to Terms
This program features four societies compelled to confront a difficult past as they chart their course to the future. Stories about the Hutus and Tutsis of Burundi, the Basques of Spain, Canada's Haida Nation, and the residents of one narrow street in Istanbul.
Choosing a Path
For millennia, who we were depended largely on the circumstances of our birth. Today we're exposed to nearly endless cultural options, and identity is increasingly a matter of choice. Stories about identity and the path to the future from Hungary, Kenya, Hawaii, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.

"Saints & Indians" Wins Edward R. Murrow Award

Homelands Productions received the 2006 Edward R. Murrow Award for best national news documentary for "Saints & Indians," produced by Kate Davidson for the Worlds of Difference project and broadcast on NPR's All Things Considered. The editor was Deborah George. The piece tells the story of a program that placed tens of thousands of Native American children in Mormon homes between the 1950s and 1990s. The Murrow Awards are among the most prestigious in broadcast journalism. More news...

Homelands Productions: Voices from a Changing World

Homelands Productions is an independent, non-profit journalism cooperative specializing in radio documentaries. Its mission is to illuminate complex issues through compelling broadcasts, articles, books, and educational forums, and to foster freedom of expression and creative risk through the media arts. Since its founding in 1990, Homelands has reported from more than 50 countries and won 22 national and international awards. More...

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