For 2009: The Hunger Chronicles

Happy New Year, everyone! I wanted to thank you all for listening to our radio programs and for visiting our burgeoning Internet empire (, this blog, the Worker Browser, the WORKING section of, Worlds of Difference, Sandy Tolan‘s site, and The World Without Us).

I also wanted to give you a heads up about what we’re looking to do next, provided we can find a way to fund it.

We’re putting together a proposal for a multimedia project about food and hunger around the world, tentatively called The Hunger Chronicles. The idea would be to look at how, despite huge strides in technology and a worldwide effort to halve hunger by 2015, humanity still can’t manage to feed itself. One in seven people — more than 900 million around the world — is now undernourished (an astonishing 35 million are in the USA). We’re looking at a series of human-centered radio features, an hour-long radio special, a series of short videos, and lots of web stuff. Two major universities would like to work with us and we’ve pulled together a terrific team of radio and video producers.

If you have thoughts about who might be inclined to contribute to such a venture, or if you have questions or comments, please let us know. Contact info is all here. Thanks again, and best wishes for a peaceful, joyful, nourishing, (sustainably) prosperous 2009!


P.S. Next up on WORKING is a profile by the inimitable Sean Cole of a Ukrainian woman who performs an Argentine cowboy act in a Russian traveling circus in the UK. Currently scheduled for Thursday, January 15.