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The World Without Us

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  • The Homelands Blog

    In an Earth Day essay for The Boston Globe Magazine, Alan Weisman argues that the COVID-19 pandemic is a sign that human beings have grown too numerous and destructive.

  • Is the coronavirus pandemic Mother Nature’s revenge?

    Is the coronavirus pandemic Mother Nature’s revenge?

    On the 50th Earth Day, it’s long past time to recognize that this overcrowded planet has run out of room to cut us any slack. By Alan Weisman Originally published in the Boston Globe Magazine, April …

  • The Homelands Blog

    Slate has selected Homelands co-founder Alan Weisman’s 2007 bestseller The World Without Us as one of the top 50 English-language nonfiction books of the last 25 years. Book critics Dan Kois and Laura Miller write: …

  • The Homelands Blog

    Happy New Year, everyone! I wanted to thank you all for listening to our radio programs and for visiting our burgeoning Internet empire (, this blog, the Worker Browser, the WORKING section of, Worlds …

  • The Homelands Blog

    Homelands Productions has been around since 1989, creating public radio features and documentaries, writing articles and books, and generally doing our artfully journalistic (journalistically artful?) bit to promote world peace and understanding. In the last …