“Food for 9 Billion” launches today!

We at Homelands Productions have been talking about doing a series on hunger and food security since before the “WORKING” series was finished in 2009. We’re finally there, with the first two pieces scheduled to air today on Marketplace. First will be a little intro piece, mixed by our friend Chris Brookes and narrated by show host Kai Ryssdal, launching the series. Then comes a story I reported from Mexico, about the role of agricultural R&D in meeting the world’s food needs. (A ridiculously broad topic for a seven-minute piece, I found!)

This is a soft launch. Our partners at the Center for Investigative Reporting are beavering away on TV segments for PBS NewsHour. Plus we’ve got big plans for a website with maps, timelines, animations, infographics, blog, etc. We’ll make a splashy announcement when there’s something to look at.

In the meantime, I hope you get to listen tonight. Feedback always welcome!