Stray bullets and forgiveness

Ruxandra Guidi‘s story about the relationship between the mother of a victim of gun violence and the person who shot him airs this week as part of the hour-long radio documentary “Guns in America.” The program is the latest episode in the BBC’s “Real America” series.

Casson Evans was three when he was killed by a stray bullet in Denver.

Ruxandra shares the story of Sharletta Evans, who lost her three year-old son, Casson, when a stray bullet pierced her car. The teenager responsible, Raymond Johnson, was caught and imprisoned, but Sharletta didn’t let things end there. She bound herself to Raymond, and to the mother of an accomplice, in extraordinary ways.

“Real America” is a product of the BBC Public Radio Partnership, which engages independent radio producers in the US to create original work for broadcast on the BBC World Service as well as on public radio stations across the United States.

Other producers contributing to “Guns in America” are Kelly Jones, Lu Olkowski, Dmae Roberts, and Skye Fitzgerald.

Members of the BBC Public Radio Partnership are the Association of Independents in Radio (AIR), the Public Radio Exchange (PRX), WBEZ in Chicago, WBUR in Boston, and KPBS in San Diego. The programs are distributed by American Public Media.