Ramzi’s Story on NPR’s Weekend Edition

If you didn’t hear “Ramzi’s Story” today on Weekend Edition Saturday, please check it out online. It’s a portrait of Ramzi Hussein Aburedwan, a Palestinian musician who took part in the intifada as a boy. He went on to found a network of music schools for Palestinian kids. The piece was produced by Homelands’ co-founder and senior producer Sandy Tolan.

Sandy profiled Ramzi for Weekend Edition in 1998 (to listen, click here and scroll down to “The Stone and the Viola”), then serendipitously bumped into him on a recent reporting trip to the West Bank. In the earlier piece, Ramzi was an 18-year-old viola player with dreams of sharing his love of music with children living in Palestinian towns and refugee camps. Sandy was thrilled to find out that he’d managed to make those dreams come true.