Check out the WORKING Spinoffs

A quick note about some good work that has grown out of reporting for the WORKING project. Kelly McEvers has written a multipart series in Slate about her adventures finding and profiling a pirate in Indonesia. Today (12/4) Kelly hosted a live chat on about her experiences reporting her profile of Agus Laodi.

Gregory Warner produced a creepy/funny piece for This American Life’s annual “Poultry Slam” show, reported while he was in Quetta, Pakistan, looking for a human smuggler to profile. Gregory will also produce a short version of his recent profile of Fidele Musafiri, Congolese miner, for the international blog site Global Voices.

Last year I wrote a piece for FRONTLINE/World based on my reporting in La Oroya, Peru, where I went to profile a metal worker at the giant smelter there.