Homelands launches legal defense fund

Homelands board members Sandy Tolan, Cecilia Vaisman, Ruxandra Guidi, Alan Weisman, Maria Blanco, and Jonathan Miller in 2014. Photo by Bear Guerra.

In response to alarming increases worldwide in the number of journalists being arrested in the line of duty, the board of Homelands Productions has established the Public Interest Reporting Defense Fund (PIRDF). The fund is intended for journalists who need help paying legal fees and related costs incurred as a consequence of being arrested while doing their jobs, or those who are facing lawsuits filed against them because of their reporting.

The Public Interest Reporting Defense Fund provides a mechanism for donors who may be interested in a particular case, or in First Amendment issues in general, to make tax-deductible donations to help defray journalists’ legal expenses. Although these donors will be contributing to the fund, and not directly to an individual reporter, Homelands’ online donation form allows them to indicate which case or cases they would like to support.

Applications are reviewed by the Homelands board. You may find information on applying and donating here.

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