Rux launches new career at U of Arizona

Ruxandra Guidi holding publication
Ruxandra Guidi and her husband, Bear Guerra, produced A People’s Map: Stories From the East San Gabriel Valley, for the LA County Planning Department. (Photo by David Allen)

Homelands producer and board president Ruxandra Guidi has moved to Tucson, where she will begin a new position as a professor in the University of Arizona’s School of Journalism. Ruxandra has reported throughout the United States and Latin America for both magazines and public radio. She founded Fonografia Collective with her husband, fellow Homelander Bear Guerra, and runs an online service called Story Tellers, which connects storytellers and artists around the world to gigs, ideas, funding, and each other.

Her appointment renews a long relationship between Homelands and UA. For many years, our collective was headquartered at the journalism school, where cofounder Alan Weisman taught.