Homelands archive now available for download

Loyal readers will be pleased to learn that the entire Homelands Productions oeuvre is now downloadable from our website. For the last couple of years you could listen to our radio features on a special streaming audio player; now you can take them with you on your workout or commute. There are roughly 140 pieces available going back to 1991. We think there’s some pretty good stuff in there and encourage you to poke around.

The link in the first sentence (and also here) takes you to our “series” page; click on a series name for a list of stories, then click the “download” button to get the mp3.

Note that the Worlds of Difference link takes you to that project’s home page, at least for now; you need to click on the “stories” link in the banner (or just click here) to get the full story list, then click on the individual story title. Note also that the mp3s don’t include introductions, “outros” or credits. One of these days we hope to launch a podcast, in which we’ll provide a little context and give props to the producers. Keep checking this space!