You Go, Salina and Raffaella!

Salina Kosgei, who was the subject of a profile in the WORKING series we produced for Marketplace, came in third in today’s Boston Marathon. She won the race last year by less than a second. Salina was extremely gracious when we invaded her life for several days in western Kenya last spring. It really changes how you see the race when you know someone at the front of the pack!

While we’re congratulating our profile subjects, here’s a shout-out for Raffaella Mangiarotti, an Italian industrial designer who was also incredibly hospitable as we dogged her every step for the better part of a week in 2008. She and her creative partner Matteo Bazzicalupo were recently featured in a mid-career retrospective at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. That’s a tremendous honor. Raffaella and Matteo’s firm is called Deepdesign, and they create everything from jewelry and cutlery to vacuum cleaners and hair driers. We stumbled on them in an Internet search, called them out of the blue, and they welcomed us into their lives.