Remembering Mexico’s Silenced Voices

Please check out our friend and colleague Ingrid Lobet’s remembrance of two courageous men she encountered as a reporter working in Mexico, both of whom were murdered in 2009. Her piece, “Brave and Dead,” airs on Living On Earth this week. Ingrid is the show’s west coast editor. The essay remembers self-taught lawyer Marco Antonio Armend├íriz Vega and environmental journalist Jose “Pepe” Galindo Robles. Both men were brutally killed in their homes late last year. No one has been arrested in either murder. Marco Antonio, known as Marcos, was featured in Ingrid’s profile of Vicki Ponce, a middle-aged woman from Sonora who joined a group of unemployed friends to start an electronics recycling business. The profile was part of Homelands’ WORKING series.