Brandon Davies, Banker

Brandon Davies‘ work is all about risk. After 32 years at Barclays Bank, he decided to try his luck as an independent operator. He quickly found himself with six or seven different jobs. He was hired to head an international association of risk professionals. He was recruited to the boards of two new banks with ties to the developing world. He began trading equities and currencies, using his own money. He helped set up one-off insurance and property deals. Risk, he told producer Sean Cole, is how we learn and grow as people. We should embrace it, not avoid it. At least that’s what he said last summer, when Sean spent a few days with him in London. Then the global financial system collapsed. Sean took a deep breath and called him back.

The profile of Brandon Davies aired on Marketplace on the 28th of May. It is the 27th profile in the WORKING series. For those of you in the public radio world, please note that all but the most recent profiles are now available on PRX.

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