Vicki Ponce, Recycler

For Mexican women of a certain age, finding decent work can be nearly impossible. Vicki Ponce was in her 50s, selling tamales on the street, when she and some women friends decided to try their luck in the electronic waste business. They butted heads with local officials and withstood the taunts of jealous neighbors. Today Las Chicas Bravas (“The Tough Girls”) spend their days dismantling old computers and TV sets and selling the parts to buyers around the world. Now if only they could convince the mayor to turn on the power.

Ingrid Lobet’s profile of Vicki Ponce aired on Marketplace on 29 April, the latest segment in the WORKING series. If you didn’t have a chance to hear it, please check it out online. You can also see photos of Vicki and read Ingrid’s reporter’s notebook.

On the subject of Mexico – our thoughts are with the people of that good country as they head into two of their most important holidays – Labor Day and Cinco de Mayo – under strict instructions not to gather in public. Estamos con Ustedes, amigos!