The Workers are Coming!

What a thrill to go online today and see that 164 people had put their profiles up on the Worker Browser! Up from just 15 yesterday. We’ve barely mentioned it to anyone, but apparently folks are finding out. Fantastic to see the entries of working people in Spain, Malta, Lithuania, China, Canada, Italy, UK, Bahrain, Indonesia, Turkey, India, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Mozambique, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Serbia, Hong Kong, as well as many states in the USA. Lots of people who work online, but also factory workers, cashiers, teachers, technicians, students, librarians, and engineers. Every time I checked during the day another person or two had joined the mix.

Here’s a picture from 11 pm on 11/16:


I notice that very few have filled out the text boxes elaborating on their answers, and even fewer have answered the questions at the end (dream job, what I like about my job, what I don’t like about my job, how I define “decent work”). I hope people will go back and fill those in — for me, the explanations are the most interesting part!

If you visit the browser and fill out the questionnaire, please let us know how it went. We know there are bugs and we’d love to get ’em fixed before the big rush comes.